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Wooden Painted 2 Ceramic Drawer ,Trinket box, small chest of drawers, ring box, handmade wooden box, spice box, coin box, pill box


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Handcrafted in India this colorful wooden chest. This wooden chest with 2 ceramic drawer and adorned with hand paintings. This can be used to keep jewellery, golden chain, rings, earrings or a showpiece to decor your living space.

This colorful ceramic and wood Storage Chest is handcrafted and hand-painted in India and can be used to store anything from spices.Each Individual ceramic patterned drawer fits neatly into a stylish wooden case.An ideal gift for a friend or for yourself.Each piece is unique & the color and designs on the drawers may vary.
This gift piece has been designed by the creative traditional artisans of Jaipur.

It can be used as ring box, handmade wooden box, spice box, coin box, pill box

Approx Weight - 1.100 gms with inner box

Size - LxBxH - 10x11x18 cms

PLEASE NOTE : As this product is completely handmade therefore the actual product may slightly vary from the pictures shown.

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