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SuOxygen Bamboo charcoal Goat Milk Soap


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Body Purification, Heart Cleaning, Humility Adherence
Independent / original: Through the independent research and development of many years of soap making experience and understanding of life, the formula is thus formed.
Manual cold made: 	Insist on cold making so as to protect the precious raw materials, with multi steps of oil mixing production, no useless ingredients are added.
Grinding process: Follow the rules of being technical and diligent, with 13 processes of cold soap making, adding multiple process of grinding, more super fatting is added, deliver to you at the temperature of hands after a total of 27 processes.

About My Story
Su Oxygen Life© is a living space specializes in cleaning aesthetics of cold soap, owning multiple resources of cooperative plantations and FS Cleanroom Class 100,000 (ISO 8) laboratory base (aseptic operation, for testing and filing). Su Oxygen Life© Garden Soap Workshop guarantees the quality in a multi-faceted way (Self-fermented, natural mature chemical fertilizer soil, herbal planting, flower tree planting, formulation development, handmade cold soap). The Chinese characters “Su” and “Yang” in the brand name were named after the homonyms of my English name "Sue" and Chinese surname "Yang". While working hard, I would like to explore more about the fun and meanings of soul in the plain and simple natural life. I have never thought that I would become a formulator before. Using cold soap to clean is only one of my habits which lasts for many years. The traction of the fate is so wonderful, as when I was young, I rarely had the choices on my own, most of my time were spent studying alone in a room, as the "good boy" called by others, I rarely had the opportunity to play outside, which has also made me feel like quiet and alone. I believe that with the increase of my experience, those beautiful memories that are able to reappear again and again, must be the precious things from the bottom of the soul. It is the call of the soul that guides me out of the house, in the mountains, by the stream, where on every kind of land, there are filled with the curiosities and surprises about the fruits grown on the plants and trees. Yes, because of the lack of inner heart, the feeling will be stronger and cherished. This is the life I want, taking this gift from the origin of the nature has changed the dimensions of my life. Rooting everything in life, making life compile with the nature. Remember to introspect diligently, to clear and purify the body and the heart, find the free, happy and determined self, passing on the gift of nature to more people.	

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