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south Indian seasoned Bronze cooking pot 8 inch Diameter with Heavy weight cooking urli mat finish

by Handcraftindiaco

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Uruli is a hand made utensils in india, is commonly used for cooking,serving food, and also for small scale cooking like preparing side dishes like chicken,beef roast and sweets like payasam. 

Our professional artistain team specialized in making urlis aprt from that Urulis with bronze carvings are used for interior decoration in luxury hotels, corporate offices, visiting halls of houses etc.

Nowadays many luxury hotels use Urulis to serve food for their guests, as Urulis have majestic and hygienic looks apart from its tradition, and is easy to clean and maintain.

it can withstand and maintain heat for a longtime, which helps the hoteliers to use Urulis as a casserole.

urli is made by the traditional method which have been followed since the early history of metal vessel industry.Unlike the modern furnaces which melts every type of metal, the furnace used for melting the metal for uruli is specifically designed for it.

High quality manufacturing is ensured by this.These shows the extreme care taken in the manufacturing from its early stages.The uruli is made from special bronze which consists of copper,tin,zinc in a particular ratio.

This helps in making the food cooked in the urli both healthy and tatsy.The urli have very high heat holding capacity.

Using the lost wax technique and not the die cast method, the making of this urli has brought a revival of an old way of manufacturing, not so common nowadays.

It involves the pouring of molten metal in between two layers of a clay mould, from which wax is drawn out before the molten metal flows in and sets.

Hence urlis of different size,wall thickness and structure can be made according to the requirement of a customer.

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