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(SMALL) Burgundy Slip Through the Collar Bandana

by G&G's Dog Wear

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• Betzy’s Dog Wear products are unique handmade slip through the collar bandanas for your lovely pets. 
• You won’t have to worry about tying anything around their neck. They are easy to put on by simply slipping the collar through and rolling to desired length.
• They are made of lightweight, breathable material so they’re comfortable to wear anywhere. 100% cotton!
• They are fashionable, comfortable, and they make the perfect gifts for any pup in your life!

Return Policy:
• Please keep in mind that these bandanas are HANDMADE, therefore there may or may not be occurrences where they will have small imperfections. For example some double stitching for reinforcement and possible slight uneven stitching. Neither one of these effects the way the bandana looks and/or functions. NO refunds will be given for these issues. 
• We will NOT be accepting returns or exchanges once we receive/begin your order. 
• However, if there is an issue with your order please send us a message on Instagram or E-mail us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Shipping & Handling:
• Shipping starts at $4. It may go up depending  on your order size and location.

***For custom bandanas you can reach us on our other social networks***
E-mail: betzysdogwear96@gmail.com
Instagram/Snapchat: @betzysdogwear
Facebook: Betzy's Dog Wear

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