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Door basket, hanging basket Boho basket, Hygge style, storageHanging basket, Rustic style, Kitchen decor, Flower bouquet, Interior basket,

by NataliaPaperHouse

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Wicker basket with a flat bottom, medium size.  
There are two color options to choose from:dark brown with gray and solid gray color. 
The basket has an adjustable rope handle of gray color-length, the length of the suspension is 28 cm. 
The suspension can be adjusted.                                                          
 Very convenient, it can be hung from the top and bottom. As you need.

In the basket you can put flowers, correspondence, put on the table.    

And also hang on the wall or hook in the kitchen or on the front door of your cozy home.
It can be a good gift for any occasion.

A universal thing for storing letters, placing flowers and dried flowers.
Perfectly complement the interior of your home.
Please, contact me, if you want to see more pictures of this hanging basket.
Please note that due to the introduction of quarantine in some countries, the delivery time may be extended. 
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Rope handle height 11 inches (28 cm)
Height - 8,7 inches (21 cm) 
Width -  6,7 inches (17 cm)
Depth - 2,8inches (7 cm)
Sizes may vary slightly +/- 1-2cm due to handcraft.

I make my baskets from eco-friendly water-based materials.
Materials: paper vine, polymer glue, primer, eco varnish.
 Processed with moisture resistant varnish, safe for you and your pets.

* If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth or clean with a soft brush.
* The basket is moisture resistant.
* Do not soak in water, if wet, dry outdoors
* Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
* Do not place near open flame
* Do not wash in the dishwasher.

Visit my store and see my other baskets.

* VAT is not included in the price.
* All products are handmade, exact repetition is impossible.
Sizes may vary slightly +/- 1-2cm due to handcraft.
* I am not responsible for the color reproduction of your device. In fact, colors may vary slightly.
* The post office can store the parcel for the recipient for 2 weeks. I warn you that in the package
It was delivered. If you do not pick up the parcel, you will be refunded 30%.
* I am not responsible for the work of customs.

 Please, for any question that has arisen, contact me. Natalia
The basket will suit you if you are looking.
  Hanging basket, wall basket, door basket, flower basket, dried flowers basket, hanging flower basket.

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