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Adjustable Crossbow Siege Machinery 3D DIY Model Kits for Children and Adults, 14 and up!- Antique Wooden Puzzle

by arttree

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This is an ancient Rotatable trebuchet Weapons. Rotatable trebuchet is elastic type catapults, which evolved from the combination of bed crossbow and catapult. It uses huge bowstring elasticity to eject rocks.
Compared to other trebuchets, This rotatable trebuchets is lighter and more convenient and can be placed anywhere.
Rotatable trebuchet is more sensitive. Turning the chassis can adjust the projection direction arbitrarily. Adjusting the gear lever can change the projection angle and range.
It is not only an ornament to be viewed, but boys and adults can also learn some interesting physical structures and learn about ancient history and culture. At the same time it is still a very fun toy.

1、Learn about the interesting physical structures in ancient weapons through assembly and play.it is not just for looks,but also can be fired!
2、Exercise logical thinking and develop practical skills, enjoy the fun of DIY assembly.
3、Ideal gift for Boys and men.Through the construction process, Boys can also learn about problem solving and attention to detail when reading the manual
4、The kit contains the materials required for assembly, assembly tools, Chinese and English manual, video assembly tutorials. You only need to bring your own glue.
5、The main material is high quality precision cut alder veneer plywood,Precision cutting, error control within 5 microns, excellence

Package Content:
1 x Ancient Chariot Model
1 x Chinese and English manual
1 x video assembly tutorials
1 x toolset

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