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Handmade engraving Ashoka style vintage Brass Jug Pitcher 1000 ml

by Handcraftindiaco

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Handcraftindiaco present different types of brass handmade jugs which was used in old times used by Kings,Queens  and Nawab of india the brass was considered a luxurious metal for serving and dining of guest it gives the beautiful appeals to the dining tables it apart from this the vintage art is also known for health and wellness.

our ancient science also gives immense importance to the metals that our cooking utensils are made of? While modern living has made us turn towards the more convenient steel, glass and non-stick cookware, old-school utensils are noted to hold therapeutic benefits, whether you use them for cooking, or to eat your meals. In fact, while glass and steel are fairly neutral, coated or non-stick pans could even be detrimental to the health of your skin.

The jug has three categories

Kangaroo Jug :- The jug has Kangaroo stomach shape that’s  the it’s known as Kangaroo shape.

Ashoka art :- this a design inspired by one painting which is in King Ashoka museum.

Mughlai art:- it’s very famous jugs in all over india known as shahi mughlai jugs it’s present luxurious life of Mughal emperors.

Paya jug :- Paya is a urdu word which meaning is foot the jug have a foots that’s the reason it call paya jug there is one famous indianRich culinary preparation which known as paya as well basically it’s bon marrow stew

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