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Black Zardozi Golden Evening Clutch, Peacock Motif Handmade Wedding Gift Clutch Bag, Party Bag/ Clutch, Crossbody Bags, Royal Clutch Bag

by MasterPieceCrafts

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Black Golden Zardozi Peacock Motif Clutch Bag.
This beautiful Handmade Clutch Bag made by our Women Artisan partners.

Hand Crafted Embellished all time favourite Black Golden Evening Velvet Clutch Bag for Women & Girls.
This ornate and Elegant Clutch bag is designed on Velvet and Silk. The bag has single compartment.

Bag has meta chain for sling.

The bag is made of Zari, Glass beads, Silk, Velvet and a zipper for closure.

Front and Back is 100%Velvet and inside is Silk.

A perfect Evening Bag for all occasion. Perfect for formal party and A perfect Wedding Gift.

Beautiful and Exquisite Gift for all occasion- Birthday, Anniversary. Holiday Season and Christmas Gift.

Dimensions of this Clutch Bag-

0.35 kgs
Bag: 16 cm H x 25 cm W x 0.2 cm D
Color-Black and Golden
Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
Free Gift Wrap? Yes
Premium Gift Wrap? Yes
Made in India.

Ready to ship.

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