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3D Wooden Toy Puzzle Weapons-The Single-Armed Torsion-Powered Stone-Thrower DIY Model Kits for Adults

by arttree

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The Single-armed torsion-powered siege engines favoured by the Romans demanded great skill to make,maintain and use.
Furthermore the twisted sinews which were their source of power had a limited useful lifespan.
It mainly relied upon twisted skeins of sinew.Such factors meant that the single-armed onager,or ballista as it was generally known in medieval Europe,was used in only limited numbers following the fall of the Roman Empire.
This weapon was promoted during the Roman Empire (27 BC-395 AD).Furthermore the onager-ballista was soon superceded by beam-sling stone-throwers.
It is not only an ornament to be viewed, but also learn some interesting physical structures and learn about ancient history and culture. At the same time it is still a very fun toy.

1、Learned how medieval siege weapons used the Torsion-powered to cause damage to enemy forces。it is not just for looks,but also can be fired!
2、The assembled product is 24CM long, 15CM wide and 12CM high, which is not only fun but also used to decorate your study and living room
3、Rich details require patience, exercise logical thinking during assembly, and develop practical skills.This is a model Kit for children and adults, 14 and up!
4、The kit contains the materials required for assembly, assembly tools, Chinese and English manual, video assembly tutorials. You only need to bring your own glue.
5、The main material is high quality precision cut alder veneer plywood

Package Content:
1 x Ancient Chariot Model
1 x Chinese and English manual
1 x video assembly tutorials
1 x toolset

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