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Paper quilling evileye mandala wall art, mandala art, handmade quilling mandala for home decor, Personalized art for him and her

by Rawatcraft

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Quilled unique evil eye mandala inside a box frame

This handcrafted artwork is a perfect gift for any occasion or to brighten the home or office with original unique handcrafted art.

This exclusive paper art is hand made from 10mm or 1 cm colorful strips of paper, Each strip is manipulated in a creative way with perfect color combination to give the artwork a unique look. 
It’ll be placed in a box frame with acrylic sheet, ready to be hanged or displayed on a table or shelf to be enjoyed

The frame can optionally be included or not.

It will be a fascinating gift for everyone who loves mandalas or it will be an awesome decor for your own home.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Slight variations between each quilling artwork are expected as they are handmade

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