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Insole handmade cloth with hempen cord embroidered m with massage function ,Jinnan

by Jinnan handmade cloth shoes

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A project about southern Shanxi area handmade cloth shoes with hempen cord embroidered on multi-layer sole    This unique technique of hempen cord embroidered on the multi-layer sole was a traditional folk art that happened to be found only in Shanxi province, China. There is an over 3,000-year history of making cloth shoes in that typical area, which an ancient kneeling warrior statue(Eastern Zhou dynasty770-256 B.C. )escavated here was wearing that very unique cloth shoes. Resulted in industrialization and urbanization also with other complexity reasons, this traditional technique is fading away, even though it is not only practical but also valued on history, culture, and aesthetic aspects.    This project is, under those circumstances, our team members based on a long-term visit to the local area, as a reward to our homeland. About the complete process of this technique, we followed, we analyzed, we recorded. Stand on that ground, with modern design method and technology, to create and complete the product, which including the design of appearance and modeling, build-up brand new identity of traditional cloth shoes, rejuvenate new life of vintages. Our goal is to, though the reborn heritages and the knowledge behind it, generate the modern citizens' lives.

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