Herbal Tea Garden Guide

by earthmoonpaper

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Hi friends!

~What is EarthMoonPaper~

I made a promise to myself one year ago I would make a conscious effort recycling and repurposing all of my paper.  And so I started saving then shredding used paper, and up-cycling it into its new hand-made self.  I never wanted use on the paper until I knew it’s purpose was going to be true to its roots (pun intended) and thus EarthMoonPaper was created!  EarthMoonPaper creates a guide for its users on how to work with the earth and grow natural remedies, plants, and beyond.

~What can I expect in each Guide~

Content:  Sold in a set of three, indoor herbal tea garden guides includes 8 pages (including front&back cover).  Written on each page included certain easy-to-follow steps in how to grow the chosen natural element.  There is seeded paper of your choice of lavender, mint, or chamomile included as well! 

**For example one standard guide may include...
—an origins of the plant, as well useful information on how to source the seed/seedling
—instructions on how to water and care for the plant
—how to harvest once mature
—two recipes related to the plants offering

Proportions&Colors:  The hue of each guide may vary.  Each are written on with black ink and will be bound with needle and string.  Additional painted decorations are also an option!  Three tea guides are 2.25”x2.5” with 8 pages (f&b)

~Why should I start my EarthMoonaPaper collection?~

I truly believe inside each of us there is lies the power to create.   Sometimes all we need is a little help from the start to guide us in the right direction.  Whether it’s starting our own garden, planting a small tree, or making our own herbal remedies, homemade EarthMoonPaper makes these steps tangible, and inspires you to keep the collection growing, and give back to our planet.

~My COVID-19 plan~

Given the current situation, I am only shipping domestically.  I create my guides after washing my hands in a clean, sanitized environment.  After the guide is complete I leave it outside in the sunlight for several hours to natural sanitize it as well before I send it.  If the sunlight is not available, I will lightly spray the guide with disinfectant before putting it in its envelope to ensure a safe and healthy product.  Always feel free to share your concerns and/or questions with me!

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