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Handmade Organic Nettle and Vegetal Leather Snap-button 13"-14" Laptop Bag

by The Pura Shop

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This laptop bag can fit a laptop that has a width of 13", breadth of 9.5", and height of 1" or within this dimension.

*Disclaimer: The markings on these bags are temporary and will fade away. These are just the glue stains as they dry.*

The materials used to create the laptop bags are, organic nettle, vegetal leather, and yak wool for the lining.

Allo (in Nepali) is commonly known as the “Himalayan Wild Nettle". Allo’s fiber and fabric are all natural, fully biodegradable and robust.
Allo stem is harvested using hands and simple tools. The outer bark is stripped off using teeth. Once completely peeled, they are tied in bundles to sun-dry.
Once dried, the bark is soaked [in water] overnight and then it is boiled for 3 to 4 hours with wood ashes and is left to simmer overnight in the fire. The ashes acts as alkali that helps to break the bonds of fibers. In the morning the bark is washed thoroughly in the running water cleaning any impurities, while constantly beating it 2 to 3 times. Then the processed fiber is mixed with special clay (called kamero maato) and dried in the sun for a few days. Once the fiber is dried, the clay is removed by beating with stick and rubbing with hands.

Vegetal Leather is made in the hills of Nepal using generation old techniques that involves the scraping of leather by hand, massaging of leather by feet to soften, and tanning of leather using various plants and herbs. Each piece made with this leather has unique shades, which are a mark of genuineness.

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