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[Door Bell] Half moon brass bell -Silver

by Dopamine Arts

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The Half Moon is a doorbell produced by Dopamine. It has a crisp voice, delicate workmanship and elegant texture.
Embedded with strong magnets, it is suitable for directly adsorbed (or installed with accessories) on various side hung doors.
With the opening and closing of doors, Half Moon will make a clear and pleasant sound, bringing a touch of elegant embellishment to your life.

Doors suitable for installation: side hung doors (such as common entrance doors, refrigerator doors), and swing doors
Doors unsuitable for installation: sliding doors, automatic door, doors with wind proof buffer
Frame material: aluminum alloy
Bell material: Brass
Product size: 7 × 7 × 4cm
Product packaging: gift box

Note for use:
1. Since the doorbell make a sound by shaking the copper ball to knock the bell, attention should be paid to the position during installation to ensure that the power of opening or closing the door is enough to ring the bell. It is recommended to be installed near the side of door handle. Also, if you open the door slowly, there may be no sound.
2. Doorbell is delicate and fragile. If it falls from a height, damages will occur on the surface or structure. Please be careful when using it.
3. The embedded magnets have strong suction, please avoid being too close to electronic equipment.
4. Avoid being exposed to high temperature above 80 ℃ for a long time to avoid losing magnetic force of embedded magnets.
5. This doorbell is recommended to be installed indoors.

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