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Power Paws Advanced (includes a reinforced toe), Blue with a Red Heart design

by Woodrow Wear, LLC

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Advanced/Reinforced toe feature – extra stitching at the toe that is useful for long nails and some neurological issues. This product can be used indoors and outdoors. **For the longest wear outdoors, including for rugged outdoor use and use on abrasive surfaces, we suggest our Reinforced Foot product where the entire foot has the 2nd layer of stitching.

Indoor Uses –traction, mobility, warmth, and fashion. Also protects hardwood floors, furniture, and people from nail marks and scratches.
Outdoor Uses –protecting paws from heat (to 300 degrees), snow (including ice and salt), and allergens (dust, dirt, grass, and pollen).
Choosing the right product – a simple, 3-step process.
1. Foot shape. Looking only at the pad group on the bottom of the paw, choose the regular shape if the pad group is about as long as it is wide, OR choose the Greyhound Edition shape if the pad group is far longer than wide.  This listing is for the Regular shape. See separate listing for Greyhound shape. **Some breeds have different front/back pad groups, so please check a front and a back.

2. Foot size. The goal is to match your dog’s pads to the grip on the sock. It generally works to follow the weight guide for the foot shape you selected. **Some breeds (like Corgis, Dachshunds, English Bulldogs, etc) have larger paws and legs than others of the same weight. For these, you could go up a size. 
    XXS – fits 5 to 12 pounds (often breeds like Chihuahua, Maltese)
      XS – fits 12 to 25 pounds (often breeds like Yorkie, small terriers)
        S – fits 25 to 45 pounds (often breeds like Beagle, some Terriers)
        M – fits 45 to 75 pounds (often breeds like American Bulldog, Spaniels, large Terriers)
        L – fits 75 to 95 pounds (often breeds like Labs, Boxers, Dalmatians)
       XL – fits 95 to 130 pounds (often breeds like Shepherds, Goldens, English Bulldogs)
     XXL – fits 135 to 180 pounds (often Great Danes, Mastiffs, St. Bernards)
    XXXL – fits 180 to 240 pounds (often Wolfhounds, and the largest of the Giant Breeds)

Based on step 1 and step 2, you should have a size that looks SUPER small, but it will stretch to become the size of the foot. We don’t use straps, so we need the elastic to stretch to hold the sock in place!

 3. Customizing the fit. If the socks go on easy and fall off easy, you need a smaller size. If the socks twist or rotate, your dog has skinny ankles or legs, and there is a simple solution. Wash in warm when you have laundry going. You can air dry, or dry on warm depending on how much shrink you need to achieve. If you still need more, please reach out and ask us about putting wrap on the leg.

Range of sizes – we offer 13 sizes across the 2 very different foot shapes. We fit dogs from 5 pounds to 240 pounds.  Follow the instructions above for a good fit!

Color choices – Our Advanced Power Paws come in six colors: Blue with a bone, Pink with a bone, Blue with a Heart, American Flag, Red/white, and Black/grey.

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