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My name is Yudong Bai, and I was born in November 1991, founder of the Geye handmade leather products. I am also a distinguished teacher of the Leather Carving Course at the Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts.

I graduated from The School of Design, Guangxi Normal University. After graduate, I continued my study at the Italian Fashion Institute of Polimoda. I am the designer of etiquette dress for the 80th anniversary of Guangxi Normal University.

I am the ceremonial dress designer for Guangxi Normal University 80 years anniversary

I also participated in the ceremonial clothing design of the ASEAN Expo.


In 2014, I founded Geye Handmade Leather Studio.

In 2015, I was invited to participate in Beijing and Macao International Design Week

In 2016, I won the innovation award and excellence award of the 12th "Cultural Fair Creative Design Conference"

In 2016, I was the special invited craftman for the Balvenie Whisky "Ingenuity Gathering Program"

In 2017, I was the special invited artisan of Xinwentai's "Young Artisan" series

In 2018, I was interviewed by China National Tourism Magazine

In 2019, I won the Champion of Footwear Group in WLD America World Leather Sculpture Competition, and the third place in the accessories category.

In 2020, I won the third place in the luggage group of the 2020 Japan Leather Art Competition. I was awarded a special personal award by Takayuki Otsuka (大冢孝幸), the master of leather art in Japan.

From 2020 onwards, I was the specially invited Leather arts lecturer in China for the "Blancpain Brand Extraordinary Craftsmen Workshop"

In 2021, I was invited to design and produce a leather engraved version of the "Cool Cover" for the new Audi Q2L

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《Hidden Dragon》

It took nearly a year from the idea to the completion of the work. Mr. Yudong Bai perfectly presented Mr. Zhou Xiaodong's ideas with his superb leather carving and painting skills. ZhuShi teacher's silver shoe buckle production made the final product look even more gorgeous. In order to reflect the full of traditional Chinese elements design on boots and shoes, many experiments and adjustments have been carried out in the shoemaking stage. All the processes were completed by hand, and the seamless articulate approach ensures the integrity of the pattern. The pre-forming of the rear body part ensures the unique graceful lines of the high boots. The extremely complex of four-layer sewing process structure adds a sense of heaviness to the work. The different inclination angles of the side of the sole bring a sense of support to the work. From the completion of this work, the inherited Chinese traditional culture in new arena can become more innovate.

Great Wave leather wallet
Tiger coming down hill men's briefcase hand bag DIY, GeYe
Chinese character "禄" carving leather handmade wallet card holder pocket purse blessing gift,Ge Ye
Chinese character "福" carving leather handmade wallet card holder pocket purse blessing gift,Ge Ye
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