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The milestones, growth and achievements of Peppaca

Peppaca Mobile 2.0:

— In order to create ease for Peppaca's customers, we have launched the Peppaca Mobile Web 2.0. Now both the buyers and sellers can use Peppca's mobile web when their computers are not around, providing convenience for the customers who prefer to use mobile web than Peppaca App.

Improved features and added modules:

— Professional Artist's Store Launched: In order to transform the Peppaca marketplace's image, we start to reach highly skilled artists worldwide to help them build a professional store. This professional store includes the artist's autobiography, the artist's masterpiece as well as the awards from international craft competitions. Beyond that, the professional store shows the buyers all of the artist's great works on shelf, and also the tutorial videos which the artist wants to share with people.

Improved features and added modules:

— PeppaPipe Launched: PeppaPipe is a social media product of Peppaca.com for creating, sharing and discovering short videos in handcrafts industry only. The product will be used by handcraftsmen worldwide as an outlet to promote their delicated handmade products through demonstrating their unique handcrafts skills and allows users to create handcrafts related videos and share them across a community.

Improved features and added modules:

— FAQ Center released: Allows both the buyers and sellers to find answers to their questions quicker and easier. Saving customer service pressure by deploying this release.

— Product announcement page released: Help customers get latest Peppaca product features updates on time

— Video management system 1.0 for sellers released: Allow sellers to post videos on Peppaca, adding commercials (ads) in videos, adding paid tutorial videos with preview feature, ads skip feature, etc. (in progress)

Improved features and added modules:

— Language localization for Japan and South Korea, which allows the customers from Japan and South Korea to view the Peppaca platform in their local native language automatically.

— Order management system 2.0 , which provides more ease with more powerful functionalities to let both buyers and sellers finish the order process on Peppaca.

— Messenger 2.0 module allows the buyers and sellers to communicate even before the order is placed. ( In version 1.0, the buyer can only initiate a message to the seller after the order was placed. )

Improved features and added modules:

— Admin account management 1.0.1 adding avatar feature, SEO management feature, password encryption/decryption feature, advertising management feature.

— Video submission and management module for sellers.

— Language localization for China and Taiwan, which allows the customers from these two countries and areas to view the Peppaca platform in their local native language automatically.

Adding effects and modules:

— New UI, UX design with more attractive color scheme, employed typography that is pleasant to look at and easy to read.

— Admin account management system which allows the Peppaca team to manage both seller and buyer accounts from an interface instead of a database, improving data security.

— Messenger 1.0 allows buyers contact sellers on the order page for the order inquiries.

— Order management 1.01 which allows buyers to manage orders at different order phases such as pending orders, awaiting shipment, and complete orders.

Improved features and added modules:

— Adding FB login and Apple login features for both Seller app and Buyer app.

— Adding messenger system 1.0 feature for both Seller app and Buyer app. This feature allows the buyer to initiate a message to the seller on the order page for order inquiry.

— Rewrite order management system for Seller app.

— Fix product pictures display bugs for Seller app.

— Fix messenger bugs for both Seller and Buyer app.

Improved features and added modules:

— Rewrite the front end interface of Peppaca with SEO components, make Peppaca.com more search engine friendly.

— Adding survey module 1.0 : collect marketing needed data to recognize where the customers come from.

— Fixing bugs on order management module.

Improved features and added modules:

— Peppaca blog 1.0 : allows the sellers post, edit, update blogs, vlogs on Peppaca server.

— Product management 1.01: Adding data analytics for sellers to help check their store daily traffic such as the number of visitor clicks, and visitors’ origins, etc. It also help sellers learn the product's popularity.

— Exhibition (Craft fair) module: Allow sellers to post their craft show news on Pepapca, publish handicraft fair news to the circle.

— Newsletter subscriptions which allows the customers receive updated Peppaca development information and also holiday special promotions notice on time.

— New arrival products module shows the latest posts each day.

— Popular products module shows the most popular works on Peppaca.

Purchase handicrafts on the go with the Peppaca Buyer app! View and purchase exciting one of the kind gifts from anywhere in a flash.

The Peppaca Seller app helps buyers:

— View listings from worldwide sellers.

— Sign in with your Email.

— See reviews from other buyers.

— Request shipping quotes to minimize shipping cost.

— Purchase on the fly, just a few clicks to purchase something !

— Check your order status to get real time updates.

The Peppaca Seller app helps sellers:

— Analyze the popularity of your handmade products by the daily trend chart. Once you login to your account, you will see the analytical chart by default. It is the leftmost icon on the tab bar of the app. The seller also can see popular listings that generated most visits under the chart.

— List your handmade product on the fly. Go to the “Edit And List” icon on the tab bar, you can load up to three pictures for each listing. There are two sections for your added products: Pending Items and Online Listings. After you added your products, they will be first shown in the Pending Items section. After a careful check by our support team to make sure the products listed belong to the handmade category, and also description matches the picture, then we will approve the new listing. After the approval, the new listing will go to the Online Listings section, which means your listed products become live on Peppaca platform now.

— Manage your products by editing, updating, and deleting through clicking each listed product.

— Search your products added in both Pending Items and Online Listings sections quickly.

— Update and edit your profile under the “More” icon on the tab bar.

— Interact with buyers through messenger under the “More” icon on the tab bar.

— Manage orders by quoting customized shipping costs, and updating the order shipment status.

— Android Requirements: Android ice cream sandwich (4.0+) and later devices

— IOS Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later

The Peppaca.com 1.0 was launched with basic marketplace features to help artisans worldwide open their handicraft stores at Peppaca.com.

Function modules include customer management(both buyer and seller), product management 1.0, order management 1.0, shipping system 1.0, and payment system 1.0.

Peppaca 1.0 allows the sellers smoothly to operate on product listing, editing, updating, and searching..., etc. The basic shopping cart functions allow the buyers and sellers to start online transactions globally right away.

The Peppaca 1.0 was built on CodeIgniter framework with Php, MySQL, Javascript, and Javascript Libraries.

In 2019, our CEO, Steve, started a trip with our CTO, Wayne, to visit his long-time close friend, a passionate artisan living in China. He told Steve and Wayne the stories and inspirations behind his artwork. Despite his talents and hard work, Steve's friend planned to quit because the work was not enough to support him for a good living.

Steve was upset with his friend's idea. He started to think about finding a way to help his friend and other artists like his friend.

Over time since then, Steve talked to handmade artists from different countries to understand what he should do to support their passions, creations, and art-form. Steve learned that artists around the globe have all been facing similar issues. The lack of established, global, and handmade D2C platforms reduces artists' products exposure, profitability, and recognition.

Steve decided to form a team to build PEPPACA, a professional, user-friendly, and seller-centric marketplace for unique, handmade artistry on March 15th, 2019.

Peppaca is not just a global marketplace for genuine handmade craftsmanship, also a bridge to let buyers worldwide hear the stories and inspirations behind each amazing handmade creation and recognize the unique culture of each artisanal seller who is trying to tell.

Peppaca platform's vision is to "deliver a story and tell a culture"

Please go to our About Us to learn more.

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