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The Benefits of Opening a Shop on Peppaca

Great management team

Our team consists of highly experienced, knowledgeable and skillful artisans who are well conversant with seller needs and are able to solve your problems. We always have energy and a ‘can-do attitude’.

Motto: “Preserve a culture, deliver a story”

Handmade crafts are beautiful and one-of a kind. When you make something, you put your heart and joy into it. You see pride and you see yourself in your creations.We have a unique D2C business model to help build seller’s brand recognition and spread the value behind the products. Peppaca wants to share the culture and the story of the artwork that otherwise might not have had a voice.

Reasonable platform fee

Open your unique online shop and list up to 7 products for free. Sellers can sell products on Peppaca at a reasonable price compared to other handmade platforms and still enjoy many great benefits.

Marketing opportunities


The blog is a valuable asset for your shop. You will be able to promote your shop and engage with viewers in a real way. Create a beautiful blog to share your handmade passion with the world! This is a great opportunity to express yourself and to share the story behind your creations.

Homepage banner

The shop banner is the largest branding asset for your shop. This image appears on the top of Peppaca’s front page. Shoppers can access to your shop by just one click. A memorable and eye-catching banner will help you build your brand awareness.

Media resources

In addition to showcasing your creations on our website, we also use social media to promote your artwork. Our strong media resources will help build awareness for your shop, establish brand recognition, and connect your shop with high quality buyers.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Our intuitive shop management tools will help you easily set up and run a shop. As a seller, you can manage your entire workflow in one place from start to finish. The whole process can be accessed via an easy-to-use dashboard anywhere, anytime either from desktop or cellphone. You can track listing progress, orders, blogs, exhibition, feedback, and more.

Premium Service

Peppaca 24 Hour, cross-culture and multilingual customer support. We aim to provide the best customer service to our sellers. We take the time to identify seller needs and concerns then provide the solutions to the problems. Peppaca treats sellers as individuals, with dignity and sincerity.

Our AI recommendation engine helps to attract new customers to your shop and to find potential buyers for your products.

Pure handmade

Another benefit of our platform is that we actually go through each listing before it’s published on our site. We ensure that the product is actually handmade, which means there won’t be any drop shippers to compete with. No mass produced products are allowed. We value quality over quantity.

Peppaca doesn't hold any money

Order payments are received directly by sellers without any hold by Peppaca.

Flexible Shipping

We allow sellers to quote the shipping with various ETD (estimated time of delivery).
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