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About Us

Peppaca is an online marketplace for people around the world to trade unique handicrafts. Our headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, a global center and front-line of advanced technology and creative innovation.

We bring together the best designs and most inspirational handmade shops run by creative artists from all across the world. Shoppers can search and purchase through the broadest selection of handmade crafts. Shopping is simple, convenient, and fun!

Our Story

In 2019, I started a trip with our CTO, Wayne, to visit my long-time close friend, a passionate artisan living in China. He told us the stories and inspirations behind his artwork. Despite his talents and hard work, my friend planned to quit because the work was not enough to support him for a good living.

I was upset with my friend's idea. I started to think about finding a way to help my friend and other artists like him.

Over time since then, I talked to handmade artists from different countries to understand what I should do to support their passions, creations, and art-form. I learned that artists around the globe have all been facing similar issues. The lack of established, global, and handmade D2C platforms reduces artists' products exposure, profitability, and recognition.

Finally, I decided to form a team to build PEPPACA, a professional, user-friendly, and seller-centric marketplace for unique, handmade artistry on March 15th, 2019.

Peppaca is not just a global marketplace for genuine handmade craftsmanship, also a bridge to let buyers worldwide hear the stories and inspirations behind each amazing handmade creation and recognize the unique culture of each artisanal seller who is trying to tell.
Peppaca platform's vision is to "deliver a story and tell a culture"
To help small sellers continue their passions, we offer free and low fee plans.

I invite artisans from all corners of the world to join us and let us fulfill our dreams together!

CEO of Peppaca
Steve Shen

Why Peppaca?

We're one of the most professional, global handicraft marketplaces. We have created the ideal platform for talented artisans like you to showcase and sell your unique, handmade artwork worldwide. Peppaca is the platform to be customized to your needs.

We have FREE and LOW FEE plans: no registration fee, no listing fee, no transaction fee, and no hidden fee.

We do not hold your money. You receive payments directly from buyers through PayPal.

Our strong AI recommendation engine and our online/offline marketing strategies help promote your artwork globally (for FREE!), attract new potential buyers, and keep existing ones continuing to come back!

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